Monday, February 08, 2016

Microsoft $300 Azure credits for "Dev Essentials"

Free Visual Studio Dev Essentials Program now includes $300 in Azure credits and Exclusive Xamarin University access | The Visual Studio Blog

"Over the past 75 days more than 400,000 developers have signed up for the (free) program...

$300 in Azure Credits: enjoy $25/month in credits for 12 months to take advantage of Azure services for your apps.). That’s enough to run a D2 Windows Virtual Machine for 95 hours a month, or try out an A3 HDInsight Cluster for 24 hours. These credits can be applied on top of the free options offered by many Azure services. Learn more here"

Visualizing Microservices by D3.js

Adrian Cockcroft on Analyzing Response Time Distributions for Microservices @ InfoQ