Monday, July 16, 2012

Stat Trek - teach yourself statistics

Statistics, Probability, and Survey Sampling:
"Stat Trek Teach yourself statistics"

SignalR + ASP.NET vs + node.js

SignalR is "a next big thing" from ASP.NET team, to be added to MVC, WebAPI etc.
It provides bi-directional communication between web server and web browser.
It is obviously based on .NET, and it was in part inspired by from node.js.

Rob Conery used to work in Microsoft in or related to ASP.NET team,
and now is independent and he prefers Mac, node.js and related tools.
Damian Edwards is co-creator of SignalR, and currently works on ASP.NET team.

NDC 2012 Cage Match: NodeJS vs. ASP.NET
@ NDC2012 - Norwegian Developers Conference

Rob Conery, Jon Galloway and Damian Edwards - NDC 2012 Cage Match: NodeJS vs. ASP.NET from NDCOslo on Vimeo

podcast interview after match, @HeardingCode