Sunday, July 03, 2022

SingleStore (MemSQL DB) + WebAssembly

Live WASM Demo from SingleStore’s Launch Pad!

WebAssembly Landscape 2022 - YouTube

A Multipurpose Database For Transactions And Analytics To Simplify Your Data Architecture With Singlestore | Data Engineering Podcast

SingleStore Joins Bytecode Alliance

“The key change required to handle large data is to push the compute to the data. WASM allows you to move the compute inside the database, which can dramatically change how databases and analytical systems interact. It is going to open up all sorts of opportunities to simplify analytics, make them faster and more interactive, and lower TCO.” - Jordan Tigani, Chief Product Officer at SingleStore

SingleStore - Wikipedia

SingleStore (formerly MemSQL) is a cloud-native database designed for data-intensive applications.[3] A distributed, relational, SQL database management system[4] (RDBMS) that features ANSI SQL support, it is known for speed in data ingest, transaction processing, and query processing.[5][3]

SingleStore primarily stores relational data, though it can also store JSON data, graph data, and time series data. It supports blended workloads, commonly referred to as HTAP workloads, as well as more traditional OLTP and OLAP use cases. For queries, it compiles Structured Query Language (SQL) into machine code. The SingleStore database engine can be run in various Linux environments, including on-premises installations, public and private cloud providers, in containers via a Kubernetes operator, or as a hosted service in the cloud known as SingleStore Managed Service

"Real-time database platform SingleStore raises $80M more, now at a $940M valuation September 2021