Saturday, December 26, 2015

Kudu tools: for Azure Web Apps, and Haddop

KUDU is an open source web application for managing WebApps (WebSites) on Azure.
projectkudu/kudu @ GitHub (Apache 2.0 license)
"Kudu is the engine behind git deployments in Azure Web Sites. It can also run outside of Azure."

Using KUDU with Microsoft Azure Web Apps - benjamin perkins - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
"There is a nice set of troubleshooting and analysis tools for use with Microsoft Azure Web Apps (formerlly Web Sites) called KUDU. Information about that tool set can be found here
To access your KUDU console, using your DEPLOYMENT credentials, navigate tohttps://***** where ***** is the name of your Web App."

Windows Azure Websites online tools you should know about | Microsoft Azure Blog

There is another completely different tool also called "Kudu":

Kudu: New Apache Hadoop Storage for Fast Analytics on Fast Data - Cloudera Engineering Blog
"This new open source complement to HDFS and Apache HBase is designed to fill gaps in Hadoop’s storage layer that have given rise to stitched-together, hybrid architectures."

Kudu is actually a name of an African animal:
Kudu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ideas: "solar farms"

The world’s largest solar panel farm is completed and live in Arizona | Gigaom
"The farm - called the Agua Caliente Solar Photovoltaic Facility — can produce 290 MW of solar electricity, which is enough to power 230,000 homes at peak capacity... The farm was built with a $967 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy, as well as equity from owners NRG Energy and MidAmerican Solar, which is the energy-focused fund owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. MidAmerican bought 49 percent of the $1.8 billion farm in early 2012."

First Solar - Agua Caliente - Arizona

"More solar has been installed in the U.S. in the last 18 months than in the last 30 years,
and almost a third of new electricity came from solar last year."

efficiency chart: Burlington County Engineering Building => select "year view"

Solar | Burlington County, NJ - Official Website
"The large 200-foot by 400-foot field of solar panels next to the county’s engineering complex was completed last year and is generating serious energy savings.
... This array generates 70% of the electrical power required not only by the engineer’s office, but also the nearby traffic maintenance building and radio tower
.... The entire $1.8 million construction cost was funded through a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy."

Price Tracking Tools

Five Best Price Tracking Tools

Amazon price tracker, Amazon price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts. |

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