Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics - Statistics

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Most Successful Countries of All-Time - Per Capita
It is "easy" to have many excellent athletes from hundreds of millions or billion+ people... If Europe would count as one "entity", it would be no contest (maybe?)...

London 2012 Olympic Games: Medal strike rate – Final count medals per million population (Excel, 2 sheets, 2.22mb)

Personalized Education is Sweden

podcast @ Stanford Social Innovation Conversations
Peje Emilsson | Case Studies in Real World Innovation - Kunskapsskolan:
the difference: catering to different students with different learning styles in different ways.

the result: significantly better test results, for same price of public education

the trend: expanding to UK, NY, and other places


"Kunskap" means learning or knowledge in Swedish

Students develop ownership of their learning by being allowed to have an influence over their time, progress and workplace in school. The purpose is to stimulate each person's motivation to learn and get more out of the time spent by students and teachers in school. How does it work? In "Why we choose Kunskap", Kunskapsskolan examines its own belief - that all people are different, even in school, and get to learn at their own pace and in different ways.

Garbology | Book about Trash

podcast @ TechNation / IT Conversations:
Ed Humes | Our Love Affair with Trash

Trash is, by volume, the biggest export "product" of USA, and it goes to China.
Containers bring products, and some of them go back empty, some carry trash for recycling (i.e. packaging or broken products), and then some carry genuine export products... But the trash wins!

Denmark is now energy independent, and they convert all non-recycled trash to energy....