Thursday, April 06, 2017

(in)security: Tizen OS

Samsung's created a new IoT OS, and it's a dumpster fire / Boing Boing
"Tizen is Samsung's long-touted OS to replace Android and Israeli security researcher Amihai Neiderman just delivered a talk on it at Kapersky Lab's Security Analyst Summit where he revealed 40 new 0-day flaws in the OS"
Samsung's Android Replacement Is a Hacker's Dream - Motherboard

BigData tool ZoomData

How big, fast data is transforming business intelligence - O'Reilly Media

Zoomdata - Wikipedia
"Zoomdata markets a data visualization and analytics tool that allows customers to explore and analyze the vast quantities of data in their datastores. The product is different from other tools in the industry due to a patent the company holds around “Data Sharpening".[2][3] The approach involves returning the results of a query that is run instantly, while the image ‘sharpens’ and becomes clearer as more data is processed."
Big Data Analytics & Visualization | Zoomdata