Saturday, September 08, 2012

Single Page (Web) Apps

Single Page Applications @ Wikipedia

In an SPA, either all necessary code – HTMLJavaScript, and CSS – is retrieved with a single page load,[1] or partial changes are performed loading new code on demand from the web server, usually driven by user actions. The page does not automatically reload during user interaction with the application, nor does control transfer to another page. Updates to the displayed page may or may not involve interaction with a server.

Building Single Page Apps with Knockout, jQuery, and Web API - Part 1 - The Story Begins - John Papa

Rich Hickey (Clojure) Datomic: Database as a Value

Rich Hickey - The Database as a Value | Channel 9

Rich Hickey is the creator of the Clojure programming language.
Recently, he also created a new type of database, Datomic.
Datomic is a database of flexible, time-based facts, supporting queries and joins, with elastic scalability, and ACID transactions. It is implemented in Clojure.

This talk happened at GOTO Chicago Functional Programming Night, sponsored by Dave Thomas.

Rich and Erik Meijer discussing Clojure and Datomic.
Read the "Out of the tar pit" paper Rich mentions at the beginning of the talk.

Rich Hickey - The Database as a Value


Proponents of functional programming tout its many benefits, most of which are available only within a particular process, or afforded by a particular programming language feature. Anything outside of that is considered I/O, dangerous and difficult to reason about. But real systems almost always cross process and language boundaries, and most require, crucially, a very gnarly bit of shared state - a database. In this talk we will examine how Datomic renders the database into that most prized and easy-to-reason-about construct, a value, and makes it available to multiple processes in multiple languages, functional and not.

Along the way, we'll discuss the importance of immutability and time in representing information, the reification of process, and the mechanisms of durable persistent data structures. No knowledge of functional programming is required.
Datomic overview

Brian Eno - Microsoft Windows 95 Theme - YouTube

Brian Eno - Microsoft Windows Theme - YouTube

made on Mac

Brian Eno "... received a brief from Microsoft with “about 150 adjectives” to desribe the desired noise. “The piece of music should be inspirational, sexy, driving, provocative, nostalgic, sentimental…” said Eno.
…And then at the bottom it said ‘and not more than 3.8 seconds long.’”

Intel Ivy Bridge Ultrabook

Ivy Bridge Ultrabook PRE-RELEASE Hardware unboxing and impr - YouTube 

Intel to sell Laptops (Ultrabook)!
MacBook Air - lite (3lb), touch-screen, i7 CPU, Intel SSD...

Intel is making most of components of modern computers, why not sell them assembled.
They have also created "Ultrabook" marketing category, so this will be a reference machine.

Scott Hanselman, as well as Jesse Liberty have received pre-release machines for testing,
and they are sharing their experiences as (very much respected by community) developers.

I think this is great. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Intel, now all making end-to-end
machines and solutions... with focus on UX (User Experience).
Good job, Steve Jobs... Apple has fundamentally changed IT industry.

Now we just need to figure out how to create a universal Web Apps platform
that runs on anything: mobile, laptops, TVs, enterprise and cloud servers...

10 Insanely Essential Utilities That Made It To My Windows 8 Slate by Jesse Liberty.