Monday, December 11, 2023


 SQLite Forum: JSONB has landed

JSONB is a rewrite of the SQLite JSON functions that, depending on usage patterns, could be several times faster than the original JSON functions. This enhancement has now landed on trunk.


the primary author of SQLite as well as the Fossil SCM


GraphQL and REST: true BFFs - Dan Boerner / API World - YouTube

"Keynote at the API World conference invites us to investigate the constantly changing middle tier, between Presentation and Application. Dan poses to us that it is time to move away from just switching out old technologies for new (like REST vs GraphQL) and instead offers up a scoring-system to evaluate how our architectural strategies over the past years have worked out. Based on the short-comings of these efforts Dan offers up a new road that can point us to lasting success, without throwing away what we've already created. An architecture which can offer rapid self-service, creates an insulating contract, magnifies existing investments, and provides essential governance. "