Sunday, February 02, 2014

Learning Code The Hard Way

Learning Code The Hard Way with Zed Shaw on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast: Fresh Air for Developers:

Hard way = practice, step by step. The right way.
Not just read or watch, but keep trying.
Could MOOCs do that?

Learn Code The Hard Way -- Books And Courses To Learn To Code Zed Shaw: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle


AngularDart: blog

AngularDart is helping AngularJS (and Angular ES6) get better

AngularJS + Firebase

AngularJS + Firebase:

"Store and sync your AngularJS
app's data in milliseconds.
 Firebase is a realtime backend
for your AngularJS app"

Firebase works great with Angular and can synchronize your Angular app's data without any backend code.

Angular Conference NG-Conf 2014

Miško Hevery and Brad Green - Keynote - NG-Conf 2014 - YouTube 

Videos from conference: ng-conf 2014 - YouTube

AngularJS — Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

3 Ds of Angular:
  • Directives
  • Dependency Injection
  • Declarative Code: Type annotations & Data annotations

Technology Trends for 2014: "Smart Everything"

Daniel Burrus’ Top 25 Technology-Driven Trends for 2014 | Daniel Burrus - Technology Trends and Business Strategy Speaker:

"3. Everything as-a-Service (XaaS)"

"22. Smart Machines, Smart Homes, Smart Cities, and Smart Cars Will Increasingly Become Aware of Situational Changes and Respond"

ASP.NET += Angular

Yet Another Podcast #119– ASP.NET & Angular | Jesse Liberty:
Apparently Microsoft ASP.NET team is committed to include first class support for AngularJS in Visual Studio and ("One") ASP.NET
By Google or not, that is what developers want.

It will likely be optionally combined with TypeScript also,
and will have "higher-level" design features. Nice.

After jQuery, Bootstrap, and then node.js and even Git,
Microsoft is embracing (and extending :) most popular open source web projects.
Even Hadoop is supported on Azure...

With this, AngularJS may achieve its stated goal to be included in HTML itself.
For last a few months AngularJS class is #1 on Pluralsight.