Wednesday, September 11, 2019

EV: Rivian += $350 from Cox Automotive

Electric truck maker Rivian lands $350 million investment from Cox Automotive

"Plymouth-based electric vehicle startup Rivian Automotive LLC has netted a $350 million investment from Atlanta-based Cox Automotive as the automaker readies to produce its first vehicles.
The investment announced Tuesday follows $500 million from Ford Motor Co., and $700 million from Inc. earlier this year. Rivian aims to launch its first electric pickup truck and electric SUV by 2021. The automaker is currently renovating an old Mitsubishi plant in central Illinois where it plans to start building those vehicles late next year."

nushell = Rust + PowerShell + bash

Introducing nushell

"a new shell, written in Rust. It draws inspiration from the classic Unix philosophy of pipelines, the structured data approach of PowerShell, functional programming, systems programming, and more.

It’s called Nushell, or just Nu for short. We have a book and a repo."

by Jonathan Turner, Yehuda Katz, and Andrés Robalino, with contributions from Odin Dutton.

Nu in action