Thursday, April 09, 2015

Isomorphic JavaScript

Isomorphic JavaScript: Applications which run both client-side and server-side.
"JavaScript applications which run both client-side and server-side.
Isomorphic from the Greek "isos" for "equal" and "morph" for "shape".
Isomorphism describes that if you look at the same entity in two different contexts, you should get the same thing. Here the contexts are server and client. Although the term has been mostly used in mathematics until now, it's an apt term to describe a web programing pattern where the code is shared by the front-end and back-end."

podcast: Herding Code 203: Rob Eisenberg on Aurelia (that is not Isomorphic)

Aurelia vs. Angular 2.0

Some clarifications why Rob has left Angular team to continue his own JavaScript web platform
Given how much attention and effort Angular gets, this may be relevant...
Angular related classes are #1 on Pluralsight for years now, and this is a very popular site.
Maybe Microsoft Visual Studio can get good support for multiple tools, including Aurelia?

Aurelia & Angular 2.0 Code Side by Side by by Rob Eisenberg
potcast: Herding Code 203: Rob Eisenberg on Aurelia

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