Monday, July 02, 2018

Service Mesh: Linkerd

Which Service Mesh Should I Use? - The New Stack

"A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer for managing service-to-service communication to make it visible, manageable, and controlled
The service mesh is implemented as infrastructure that lives outside of your applications. Its value is primarily realized when examining management of RPCs (or messages), but its value extends to management of all inbound and outbound traffic. Rather than coding that remote communication management directly into your apps, they can instead utilize a series of interconnected proxies (or a “mesh”) where that logic can be decoupled from your apps and unburden that responsibility from developers.

  • Resiliency features (retries, timeouts, deadlines, etc)
  • Cascading failure prevention (circuit breaking)
  • Robust load balancing algorithms
  • Control over request routing (useful for things like CI/CD release patterns)
  • The ability to introduce and manage TLS termination between communication endpoints
  • Rich sets of metrics to provide instrumentation at the service-to-service layer"

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