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by Andrew Ng · Making neural nets uncool again
by Jeremy Howard
Learning Deep Learning — vs.

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Jeremy Howard’s vs Andrew Ng’s vs

The Problem of Local Optima (C2W2L10)

Programming Languages Trends

Programming Languages InfoQ Trends Report - October 2019


@cockroachdbCockroach Labs - Wikipedia

Cockroach Labs, the company building CockroachDB

informative podcast interviews:

The Cloudcast: Scalable Databases on Kubernetes
Peter Mattis (@PeterMattis, Co-founder/CTO of @CockroachDB) talks about the evolution of scalable SQL databases, the challenges of globally scalable data management, how Kubernetes has evolved to manage stateful applications, and lessons learned running Kubernetes and CockroachDB. 

Kubernetes Podcast from Google
CockroachDB, with Peter Mattis

CockroachDB @GitHub

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