Thursday, May 11, 2023

Amazon: microservices => monolith, cost -90%

 Amazon: Scaling up the Prime Video audio/video monitoring service and reducing costs by 90% - Prime Video Tech

The move from a distributed microservices architecture to a monolith application helped achieve higher scale, resilience, and reduce costs.

The Majestic Monolith - Signal v. Noise by DHH (Ruby on Rails)

Serverless was a big mistake... says Amazon - YouTube


 SoftwareBrothers/adminjs: AdminJS is an admin panel for apps written in node.js @GitHub

AdminJS is an automatic admin interface that can be plugged into your application. You, as a developer, provide database models (like posts, comments, stores, products or whatever else your application uses), and AdminJS generates UI which allows you (or other trusted users) to manage content.

(MIT, TypeScript, React)

AdminJS - the leading open-source admin panel for Node.js apps | AdminJS