Friday, March 21, 2014

SQL Server 2014 released

SQL Server 2014 released to manufacturers, will be generally available April 1 - The Official Microsoft Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs:

"Built-in in-memory technology for faster application performance

In-memory transaction processing (In-Memory OLTP), speeds up an already very fast experience by delivering speed improvement of up to 30x."

Will this be enough to compete with "NoSQL" solutions?

Electric Mountain Bikes

Clever, and could be useful for "hilly" places like San Francisco Yukon Trails Electric Mountain Bike (26-Inch): Sports & Outdoors:

  • 36V 10AH Battery
  • 250 W in Hub Motor
  • 7 Speed
  • Shimano Shifter
  • F / R V Brakes
  • $881

Java 8 released: (Java, Lambdas) -> Java 8

Oracle Releases Java 8 at EclipseCon: @ InfoQ

  • Lambdas
  • Method References
  • Streams
  • Extension methods 
  • new date and time processing
  • Nashorn, native JavaScript support to the JVM
  • OpenJFX brings JavaFX to the OpenJDK
Lambda expressions are noting new, but they are new to Java.
In this case even JVM is changed to better support it... 
Given that even COBOL could have similar features, it was time :)

Everything About Java 8 @ InfoQ