Friday, June 01, 2012

Using SQLite in Windows 8 Metro style apps

Using SQLite in a Metro style app:
"Dr. Richard Hipp, the founder of SQLite, was on hand to announce the availability of the experimental branch they’ve been working on as well as that when the Release Preview of Windows 8 is made public that he will merge this code to the main trunk for SQLite, making it supported by them."

The key issue is avoiding using any Win32 calls.

Since Windows 8 Metro apps didn't support any database tool (i.e. SQL CE was not supported), SQLite will be a natural choice.
Since SQLite is already included in iPhone and Android,
this will be by far the most used database tool ever.
That is about 70000 lines of plain C code in a single file. No C++.

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Too bad 7z is not supported, since it has much better compression.
Or maybe there is an option to use same method as 7z?
There is a free 7z SDK anyway...

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