Sunday, August 23, 2015

IoT: node.js with Microsoft Edge Chakra engine

CodeChat 035 - Node Chakra | CodeChat | Channel 9

"...a version of Node.js that works with Chakra - the JavaScript engine that underlies Microsoft Edge.
Why would you do this? Well, because ... Windows 10 is not exactly discriminant about which devices it supports... To really work everywhere there are times when the V8 engine isn't going to work.

They're doing it right too. They're not creating a proprietary branch - a road you can't come back from. The newfound versatility they're putting into Node.js is on its way to being contributed right to the main project. That's why this Node.js thing is so awesome - because such a rich community is contributing to it.

Node.js and io.js are settling their differences, merging back together
Node.js and io.js will officially merge codebases under a new entity: the ‘Node Foundation.’
A number of partners have come onboard to sponsor the new organization and help it stay independent, including Famous, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Microsoft and PayPal.

"The io.js TC has voted to join the upcoming Node Foundation. The project will be named Node.js but it will be based on io.js’ repository."

Windows 10 Dev Guide @ Channel 9

Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 | Channel 9

"...a two day whirl-wind tour of the Windows 10 developer platform
... will give you detail on everything you need to know in order to build compelling application experiences on Windows 10. You'll leave fully prepared to build an outstanding app on Windows 10"

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