Friday, January 24, 2020

AWS CLI alternative, in GoLang, a mighty CLI for AWS - Henri - Medium
// in GoLang
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AWS CLI is written in Python,  and is also open source
aws/aws-cli: Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services @GitHub

The aws-cli package includes a very useful command completion feature. This feature is not automatically installed so you need to configure it manually. To enable tab completion for bash either use the built-in command complete:
$ complete -C aws_completer aws

What Is the AWS Command Line Interface? - AWS Command Line Interface

All IaaS (infrastructure as a service) AWS administration, management, and access functions in the AWS Management Console are available in the AWS API and CLI. New AWS IaaS features and services provide full AWS Management Console functionality through the API and CLI at launch or within 180 days of launch.

Python Boto3 API reference

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