Friday, December 22, 2023


HTML First

HTML First is a set of principles that aims to make building web software easierfaster, more inclusive, and more maintainable by...

  1. Leveraging the default capabilities of modern web browsers.
  2. Leveraging the extreme simplicity of HTML's attribute syntax.
  3. Leveraging the web's ViewSource affordance.
</> htmx ~ Locality of Behaviour (LoB)

HTML First code snippet library. on the ViewSource affordance

Tesla open source @GitHub

 Tesla, Inc. @GitHub


Fleet Telemetry is a server reference implementation for Tesla's telemetry protocol. Owners can allow registered applications to receive telemetry securely and directly from their vehicles. This reference implementation can be used by individual owners as is or by fleet operators who can extend it to aggregate data accross their fleet.

helm-charts/charts/fleet-telemetry at main · teslamotors/helm-charts

for Kubernetes deployment of telemetry

Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript...