Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Performance Optimized Data Formats - InfoQ

InfoQ: Dealing with Performance Challenges - Optimized Data Formats:

"Sastry Malladi (eBay) discusses the performance implications of using various data formats and versioning across eBay, showing the results of certain benchmarks concluding that JSON is the best format. " Recommended: Jackson JSON and Protostuff (variation on Google's Protocol Buffers)

City Lights From International Space Station - YouTube

City Lights From International Space Station (2002-2008) - YouTube: ""

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Fly over planet Earth - YouTube

What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth? Higher quality. Slowed down. - YouTube: ""

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YouTube at 2x speed + 3D (and 1.5x, 0.5x, 0.25x)

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

YouTube has a choice (link above) to switch to HTML5 (WebM) video player instead of flash.
That player has speed up and down option in settings, and even (converted) 3D! It is not perfect, some (rare) videos do not play without flash...

Earth view from 22,000 miles (35,700 kilometers)

Russian satellite takes striking image of Earth - Technology & science - Space - msnbc.com: " taken by a Russian weather satellite, called Elektro-L No. 1, which flies in a geostationary orbit more than 22,000 miles (35,700 kilometers) above the Earth's equator."