Friday, December 07, 2012

Windows Store: AppMock by Telerik

AppMock by Telerik app for Windows in the Windows Store

Windows RT/8 Apps can be installed directly from a web link,
when viewed from Internet Explorer (on Windows 8).

This free app helps create GUI for Windows Store apps.

More info from Jesse Liberty

Microsoft Virtual Academy - Free Microsoft Technologies Training

Microsoft Virtual Academy - Free Microsoft Technologies Training:

Free videos, document, links, self-assessment...

Microsoft free training and exam for HTML5 Apps

Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start - Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Microsoft free training, and free exam in HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 development,
usable both for web apps and Windows (8/RT) Store Apps.

Microsoft Surface RT: Touch Cover vs. Type Cover

Touch Cover vs. Type Cover: Empirical test data doesn't lie! | PCWorld

Microsoft's tablet Surface comes as 2 optional keyboars:
"real" one (type) and "flat" (touch).

After briefly trying them both,
it is confusing why did they even consider "touch cover" ($119).
"Type cover" ($129) is a very good keybard. "Touch" is barely usable.

In both cases, the price is quite high for a keyboard...
Microsoft is already selling many keyboards,
could make some real money by selling "type cover" for iPads and Androids :)