Sunday, February 25, 2018

IoT: Mozilla’s Things Gateway

How to build your own private smart home with a Raspberry Pi and Mozilla’s Things Gateway – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

Mozilla IoT - Gateway

mozilla-iot/gateway: Things Gateway @ GitHub

Source code: it is all JavaScript :) (+ node.js)

Illustration of Raspberry Pi

Mozilla IoT - About

Block diagram showing the web of things layered on top of existing IoT protocols

ML: Google Cloud TPU

First there was numeric co-processor, then graphics, then ASICs, and now AI/ML...

Google Cloud TPU for Machine Learning Acceleration is Now Available in Beta @ InfoQ

"Google has made their custom chips, Tensor Processing Units (TPU) for running machine learning workloads written for its TensorFlow framework, available in beta for Machine Learning (ML) experts and developers. With Google’s Cloud TPUs, ML models can run on demand at lower costs and higher performance."
Google’s custom TPU machine learning accelerators are now available in beta | TechCrunch

Google Boots Up Tensor Processors On Its Cloud

Cloud TPUs - ML accelerators for TensorFlow  |  Google Cloud Platform