Tuesday, February 17, 2015

data: RSSBus

RSSBus - Integration Your Way
"RSSBus provides high-performance, reliable, and fully-extensible products that simplify the process of producing, consuming, and integrating data."
(ADO.NET, Java/ODBC, SQL, Excel, BizTalk)

RSSBus - Data Connectors

This platform is developed by /n software, that sells excellent libraries of networking related programming libraries, also sold as subscriptions.
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Mobile Deep Linking (App Links)

Mobile deep linking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"In the context of the mobile apps, deep linking consists of using a uniform resource identifier (URI) that links to a specific location within a mobile app (i.e.exampleApp://location/123456), rather than simply launching the app (i.e. exampleApp://). Depending on the mobile device, the URI required to trigger the app may be different (e.g. exampleiOSApp://location/123456 versus exampleAndroidApp://launch?location=123456).
This link fb://profile/33138223345 is an example of a mobile deep link. The URI contains all the information needed to launch directly into a particular location within an app, in this case the Wikipedia page within the Facebook app, instead of simply launching the Facebook app fb://."

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