Tuesday, March 25, 2014

cubism.js: Mike Bostock: Time Series Visualization

Creator of D3.js JavaScript visualization library
introduced a new tool (D3 plugin): cubism.js

Mike Bostock @ Square talks about Time Series Visualization on Vimeo: "

Mike Bostock @ Square talks about Time Series Visualization from Librato on Vimeo.

Youtube,Vimeo: Video Playback Speed

Youtube and Vimeo: Adjust Video Playback Speed | Motertech:

YouTube: switch to HTML5 player, select speed

Vimeo: download video file, select playback speed on local player


Docker @ Linux

From the Editors: Docker is the future - SD Times
We don't often see technologies arise that are clearly the future of software development. Git was one such piece of software. Hadoop another. But this year, we're betting on Docker. (plus, there was a $15M investment... )

The whole story

Docker (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"Docker is an open source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers.

The Linux kernel comprises cgroups for resource isolation (CPU, memory, block I/O, network, etc.) that does not require starting any virtual machines, and also provides namespaces to completely isolate application's view of the operating environment, including process trees, network, user ids and mounted file systems. LXC combines cgroups and namespace support to provide an isolated environment for applications; Docker is built on top of LXC, enabling image management and deployment services."

Written in Go Programming Language

It is likely that something similar is running on Google infrastructure for a while... With millions of servers, optimization and management are crucial, 
and there are many excellent engineers in Google... 

How about Microsoft Azure? There may be similar options available on Windows also, and enough reason and engineers in Microsoft to try similar.
Obviously, since Linux runs on Azure, Docker can too...

Another consideration: in multi-server environment, most of "apps" are the same,
with minimum configuration differences (i.e. IP & DNS address), and they only need private memory and process space, can share everything else.
So maybe a "container" is still not optimal for maximum utilization of resources.