Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Coursera REST API (App Platform)

(2) Coursera: Does Coursera have any plans to offer a REST API? - Quora

Coursera App Platform Developer FAQ: @ amazon s3

Moto X unlocked $400

Motorola's New Year's resolution is to sell more smartphones, drops unlocked Moto X to $400:
(drop from $500)

not easy to compete with Apple and Samsung...
winners take (almost) all profit...

Samsung sold over 40 million Galaxy S 4s in six months

Moto G versus Moto X | Android Central

Technology Trends for 2014

Professional futurist predicting...

Technotrends Newsletter:
25 Game-Changing Hard
Trends for 2014 – Part 1
By Daniel Burrus
  • Big Data Services 
  • Personal Cloud Services 
  • On Demand Services
  • More Virtualization
  • Consumerization of IT
  • Wear Your Own Device (WYOD)
  • Gameification of Training and Education
  • Online Learning 
  • eBooks, eNewspapers, eMagazines and Interactive Multimedia eTextbooks
  • Social Business Applications
  • Smart Phones & Tablets Get Smarter
  • Mobile Apps for Business Processes

AmplifyJS - A Component Library for jQuery

AmplifyJS - A Component Library for jQuery:

AmplifyJS solves the following problems:
  • Ajax Request Management - amplify.request provides a clean and elegant request abstraction for all types of data, even allowing for transformation prior to consumption.
  • Client Side Component Communication - amplify.publish/subscribe provides a clean, performant API for component to component communication.
  • Client Side Browser & Mobile Device Storage - takes the confusion out of HTML5 localStorage. It doesn't get simpler than using, data)! It even works flawlessly on mobile devices.

used in:

Wireless Flash Drive

A very clever device. Maybe even "smart" :)
External storage for mobile device, with its own WiFi,
and with USB for power and data transfer.
Since many mobile devices don't have option to add storage,
this could be very useful... SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive (SDWS2-032G-E57): Computers & Accessories:

  • "Wirelessly store, share, stream movies, photos, music, and documents across your smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Simultaneously connect & access data stored on up to 8 devices via Wi-Fi
  • No internet connection, cables or router required, works on all Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Up to 4 hours of video streaming on a single charge"