Thursday, July 15, 2021

AWS BugBust

 New – AWS BugBust: It’s Game Over for Bugs | AWS News Blog

"AWS BugBust, the world’s first global challenge to fix one million bugs and reduce technical debt by over $100 million.

Behind the scenes, AWS BugBust uses Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer and Amazon CodeGuru Profiler. These developer tools use machine learning and automated reasoning to find bugs in your applications. These bugs are then available for your developers to claim and fix. The more bugs a developer fixes, the more points the developer earns. A traditional bug bash requires developers to find and fix bugs manually. With AWS BugBust, developers get a list of bugs before the event begins so they can spend the entire event focused on fixing them."

"It detects defects and vulnerabilities that are difficult to find in Java and Python code and offers recommendations on how to remediate them."