Monday, September 05, 2022

EdTech startup: OutSchool ($3B)

Amir Nathoo - CEO of Outschool | The EdTech Startup Show - YouTube

Outschool, Inc. is an American online marketplace of virtual classes for children.[1] It is headquartered in San Francisco, California.[2]

Outschool was co-founded in 2015 by Amir Nathoo, alongside former Google employee Mikhail Seregine and Nick Grandy, an engineer working for Airbnb.[3][4]

Using seed money from startup accelerator Y Combinator, Nathoo and company created the platform's website in 2016; the first class was released shortly after in 2017.[3]

In September 2020, Outschool raised $45 million in a round of Series B funding led by Lightspeed.[5] This was followed in April 2021 by $75 million of Series C funding, causing the company to become a unicorn valued at $1.3 billion.[6] In October 2021, the firm raised $110M in Series D funding led by Tiger Global Management, which brought its valuation to $3 billion

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Yellicode - an extensible code generator (in TypeScript)

yellicode/core: Core package for Yellicode - an extensible code generator. @GitHub

Yellicode lets you build your own code generation templates with TypeScript. It consists of a Node.js CLI and extensible APIs, making it easy for developers to create, share and re-use code generators for their favorite programming languages and frameworks.

Yellicode - A free and extensible source code generation engine


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