Tuesday, May 16, 2023

AI/ML: new Mojo programming language = Python++

This may be a "Big Deal" innovation in AI/ML and software development in general!

A new programming language, "Mojo"
that is a "superset" of Python, but 1000's x faster!!
One example is 35000 times faster than Python!
And in that use-case it is also 7x faster that C++ by effectively using CPU/GPU features!
It is even using AI/ML to optimize the compiled code. 

It also makes sense, since it is all compiler level optimization.
Technically it parses Python-like source code, and then compiles this to native code.
When needed it is also using standard CPython interpreter, too, so it is back-compatible.

It is already possible to sign up get early access to online "playground" to try it.

It is created by Chris Lattner, creator of LLVM complier toolkit, that is used by a large number of programming languages today, has also created Swift programming language when in Apple, was briefly leading Tesla AI efforts, and then worked on speeding up of ML tools in Google, and HW compilers, too.

fast.ai - Mojo may be the biggest programming language advance in decades

Mojo is a new programming language, based on Python,
which fixes Python’s performance and deployment problems. 

excellent, technical, podcast!

#381 – Chris Lattner: Future of Programming and AI | Lex Fridman Podcast

Chris Lattner is a legendary software and hardware engineer, leading projects at Apple, Tesla, Google, SiFive, and Modular AI, including the development of Swift, LLVM, Clang, MLIR, CIRCT, TPUs, and Mojo. 

Chris’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/clattner_llvm
Chris’s Website: http://nondot.org/sabre/
Mojo programming language: https://www.modular.com/mojo
Modular AI: https://modular.com/

Christopher Arthur Lattner (born 1978) is an American software engineer, former Google and Tesla employee[1] and co-founder of LLVMClang compiler, MLIR compiler infrastructure[2] and the Swift programming language. As of 2022, he is the co-founder and CEO at Modular AI, an artificial intelligence platform for developers.[3][4] Before founding Modular AI, he worked as the President of Platform Engineering, SiFive[5][6][7] after two years at Google Brain.[8] Prior to that, he briefly served as Vice President of Autopilot Software[9] at Tesla, Inc. and worked at Apple Inc. as Senior Director of the Developer Tools department, leading the XcodeInstruments, and compiler teams.


"Mojo is a new programming language that bridges the gap between research and production by combining the best of Python syntax with systems programming and metaprogramming.

With Mojo, you can write portable code that’s faster than C and seamlessly inter-op with the Python ecosystem."

by Chris Lattner, founder and CEO of Modular and creator of Mojo

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