Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Electric Buses

This Tesla alum's all-electric buses could already be in your city

"the company projects it will have 1% of U.S. market share for city transit bus sales in 2016, and a little over 100 buses in service.
...electric buses are a competitive market. Among Proterra’s primary competitors are the Chinese firm BYD, and the Canadian GreenPower. "

Tesla Model X vs Ferrari F430, Model S vs Boeing 737 :)

Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous vs Ferrari F430 Drag Racing and Roll Racing - YouTube

Tesla Model S races a Boeing 737 down a runway in crazy video | BGR

Tesla Model 4 Price: Elon Musk says next Tesla cheaper than Model 3 | BGR

(GNU/Linux) Bash + Windows 10

Details on How Linux Runs Natively on Windows @ InfoQ


Bash (Unix shell) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

web 3D: LEGO + Google Chrome

Build with Chrome

Build with Chrome
"Build. A partnership between Google Chrome and LEGO®"