Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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    Udacity mirror (content) site @ google
  • Blind Man: Google's Self-Driving Car User #0000000001

    Watch This Blind Man Take A Trip In One Of Google's Self-Driving Cars (GOOG)

    Google blog announcing 200 000 miles driven by "Google self-driving-car"

    Google blog announcing 140 000 miles by Google Car

    Police: Blind Driver's Trip in Google's Self-Driving Car Was Legal @ PCmag

    Learn how to program self driving car, from Stanford prof. Sebastian Thrun, lead of Google Car project, for free CS373 @

    "The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs"

    The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs - Harvard Business Review

    by Walter Isaacson, author of book "Steve Jobs"

    A nice business oriented summary of the book.
    The book itself, besides being very well written, is educational...
    Here are the titles of the lessons:
    • Focus
    • Simplify
    • Take Responsibility End to End
    • When Behind, Leapfrog
    • Put Products Before Profits
    • Don’t Be a Slave To Focus Groups
    • Bend Reality
    • Impute ("people do judge a book by its cover")
    • Push for Perfection
    • Tolerate Only “A” Players
    • Engage Face-to-Face
    • Know Both the Big Picture and the Details
    • Combine the Humanities with the Sciences
    • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish