Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Svelte.js (vs React vs Angular vs Vue)

Svelte.js is a web compiler, not a framework;
apparently 35 times faster than React on some tests

Svelte vs React vs Angular vs Vue

Svelte - Quickstart & Thorough Introduction Tutorial - YouTube

Svelte.js - The Complete Guide | Udemy
by Max.S.

Svelte • Cybernetically enhanced web apps

REPL • Svelte (Documents and examples)

sveltejs/svelte: Cybernetically enhanced web apps @GitHub

svelte - npm

The easiest way to get started with Svelte

Svelte - Visual Studio Marketplace (plugin for VS Code)

Rich Harris - Rethinking reactivity - YouTube
creator of Svelte

Computer, build me an app - Rich Harris - JSConf EU 2018 - YouTube

Rich Harris – Medium

Rich-Harris (Rich Harris) @ GitHub

mentioned in the presentation above:

What is Reactive Programming? - Paul Stovell
with modern "destiny operator" variables are bound and change together

by Mike Bostock, creator of D3.js

Dan Abramov: Beyond React 16 | JSConf Iceland 2018 - YouTube
by Co-author of Redux and Create React App

Svelte 3 Reaction & QuickStart Tutorial - YouTube

code from video:
fireship-io/182-svelte-firebase: Episode 182 - Svelte 3 + RxFire @GitHub

create demo app:

> npx degit sveltejs/template svelte-demo
> cd svelte-demo
> npm install
> npm run dev
> chrome.exe http://localhost:5000/

Svelte Native • The Svelte Mobile Development Experience
Learn Svelte Native
NativeScript + Svelte = Svelte Native

Svelte REPL

Azure SQL Database Edge

Microsoft Brings SQL to the Edge, Announces Azure SQL Database Edge

New intelligent cloud and intelligent edge advancements ushering in the next era of computing - The Official Microsoft Blog

Simplify Edge Architecture with Azure SQL Database Edge - BRK2014 - YouTube