Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ScriptCS: C# script, coming to VisualStudio

scriptcs - Write C# scripts in your favorite text editor
Based on Roslyn C# compiler (as a service) written in C#,.
open source ScriptCS will apparently be included to VisualStudio,
along with Script VB and Script FS (F#), and node.js that is already there.

C# compiler API was always available as a part of .NET, 
but calling it required Reflection and was not simple. 
This could be useful for making plugins and "embedded" DSLs.

Cars That Think - IEEE Spectrum

Cars That Think - IEEE Spectrum (interesting blog)
Cars That Think icon
Cars That Think - 18 March 2015

Self-Driving Car Aims for First Cross-U.S. Road Trip - IEEE Spectrum
A self-driving car aims to test that idea by making the 5600-km drive from San Francisco to New York City with a few human passengers tagging along for the ride.