Sunday, March 25, 2012

anode = Windows Azure + node.js (PaaS)


anode is an experimental platform for rapidly prototyping web apps on Windows Azure.
anode is built by Microsoft entirely with node.js
Currently there are no plans to release anode as a service,
but we are pleased to share the modules we have created as part of the project.

Microsoft has recently announced option to host node.js projects on Azure.
My understanding is that this does not require a web role, just a worker role,
since node.js runs as a windows service.
Deploying a role on Azure is creating a VM. It takes some time.

Alternative for hosted applications is to just upload and run program.
Similar to shared hosting, more or less.
"anode" is an experiment to host node.js apps on Azure.

It is an open source project (MIT license),
and apparently using GitHub for deployment of projects.

anode: An Experimental node.js Platform for Windows Azure
Video @ Microsoft Channel 9

Windows Azure + Node.js => anode : An Experiment
blog post by Peter Laudati (Microsoft NJ)

Codiqa - the jQuery Mobile Prototype Builder

Codiqa - the jQuery Mobile Prototype Builder

An very nice online interactive tool for creating jQuery Mobile pages.
Subscription $10-30 / month.

Can be tested at

HTML5 + jQueryMobile + PhoneGap is a "disruptive innovation" technology for mobile development.
It is "good enough" for basic cases, and that could be most of mobile apps anyway.
And it is being improved rapidly, most likely faster than "native" iOS, Android, even Microsoft tools.

Microsoft has an interesting dilemma
  • embrace: provide a PhoneGap-like tool in Visual Studio (there is beta PhoneGap for WP7)
  • or keep pushing proprietary Windows 8 WinRT APIs that can be programmed by JavaScript/HTML5.
In typical recent Microsoft way, it does not have to be a choice, both could be used... "there's no need for the tyranny of OR"—Windows 8 can serve both tablet AND desktop users without compromises"