Thursday, December 28, 2023

Printable PDF 2024 Calendars: Seasons

PDF calendars 2024

2024 Seasons, National Parks (NPS)
4 pages

English US Letter (8.5"x11") Sunday first day of week

2024 Months, National Parks
12 pages

2024 Seasons, Space (NASA)

English US Letter

English US Legal

English Europe A4
Serbian Latin A4
Serbian Cyrillic A4

2024 Months, Space

English US Letter

English Europe A4
Serbian Latin A4
Serbian Cyrillic A4


Music of seasons

with original instruments

SolidJS vs React; useSignal() vs useState()

Solid.js is very similar to React, but fundamentally different: 
no shadow dom, less state complexity

Getting Started with SolidJS - YouTube by Academind / Max S.
SolidJS made "Signals" one of the most important frontend JS framework trends you can find right now!
Simple and performant reactivity for building user interfaces.

solidjs/solid: A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. @GitHub

Websites using SolidJS - Wappalyzer
OpenAI is using SolidJS


Solid.js and many other tools implement a new way for managing "app state"

The key difference between Signals and State is that Signals return a getter and a setter, 
whereas non-reactive systems return a value (and a setter).

Why is returning a getter (function) better than returning a value?
Because by returning the getter, you can separate the passing of the state-reference from a reading of the state-value.

Why are people SO obsessed with useSignal()? - YouTube
SolidJS, Qwik.js, Preact.js, Angular

by Misko Hevery CTO at, Creator of Angular & Qwik

even latest Angular supports useSignal!