Sunday, March 29, 2020

grpc-gateway: gRPC to JSON proxy generator

grpc-ecosystem/grpc-gateway: gRPC to JSON proxy generator following the gRPC HTTP spec @GitHub

"The grpc-gateway is a plugin of the Google protocol buffers compiler protoc. It reads protobuf service definitions and generates a reverse-proxy server which 'translates a RESTful HTTP API into gRPC. This server is generated according to the google.api.http annotations in your service definitions.
This helps you provide your APIs in both gRPC and RESTful style at the same time."
architecture introduction diagram

gRPC [Node.js] MasterClass: Build Modern API & Microservices | Udemy

Tesla Virtual Power Plant

Tesla Virtual Power Plant

VPP is a network of distributed energy-resources (often solar, wind, batteries) that are aggregated to provide smarter and more flexible power generation, distribution, and availability. Tesla's VPP consists of vertically integrated hardware and software, including both cloud and edge computing.

"Tesla is working on a giant virtual power plant made of 50,000 Powerwalls and solar systems in Australia and the local government says that the first phases have shown a reduction in electricity rates by “more than 20%.”

gRPC reflection, Evans CLI

ktr0731/evans: Evans: more expressive universal gRPC client @GitHub

gRPC Golang Reflection and CLI - YouTube
by Stephane Maarek

gRPC Reflection & Evans CLI - gRPC [Golang] Master Class: Build Modern API and Microservices

gRPC Java Reflection and CLI - YouTube

gRPC [Node.js] MasterClass: Build Modern API & Microservices | Udemy

grpc-ecosystem/awesome-grpc: A curated list of useful resources for gRPC

Protocol Buffers in gRPC - YouTube

4 Types of API in gRPC - YouTube

gRPC and gRPC Reflection - Ruangguru Engineering - Medium

GRPC Core: gRPC Server Reflection Tutorial

Go Gets New Reflection-Based Protocol Buffers API

"Go's new bindings for protocol buffers, Google's language-neutral data interchange format that aims to replace JSON for high-performance applications, aim to merge the protocol buffer type system within Go's type system and enable its manipulation at runtime."