Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Internet of Things | Autolib

Internet of Things | Autolib' (Microsoft Windows Embedded)

"By creating an intelligent system that connects hundreds of handheld devices, more than 4,300 charging stations, 850 registration kiosks and 2,300 cars, Autolib’ is harnessing streams of data, gaining insights that allow it to better predict customer behavior, optimize car utilization and attract new members. "

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IE critical zero-day exploit. Solution: Browser VM?

Windows XP Critical zero-day exploit - Internet Explorer all versions affected & no fix in sight - Stabley Times:

It may be time to "virtual-ise" web browsing.
The browser could run in a "thin" OS VM
with no access to local file system.

Windows 7 (pro) and newer already comes with HyperV,
and there are other free tools like VirtualBox.

This could be an opportunity to make ChromeOS or FirefoxOS
as a VM, essentially minimum Linux (or WinRT) kernel and a web browser.

Windows already had ability to run "compatibility mode" VM for single program.
It may be possible to make make similar for IE...