Wednesday, August 17, 2022

AWS CloudFront CDN += HTTP/3

 New – HTTP/3 Support for Amazon CloudFront | AWS News Blog

... adding HTTP version 3.0 (HTTP/3) support for Amazon CloudFront. HTTP/3 uses QUIC, a user datagram protocol-based, stream-multiplexed, and secure transport protocol that combines and improves upon the capabilities of existing transmission control protocol (TCP), TLS, and HTTP/2. Now, you can enable HTTP/3 for end user connections in all new and existing CloudFront distributions on all edge locations worldwide, and there is no additional charge for using this feature.

DNA Data Storage: Entire Internet Into a Shoebox

Digital DNA Data Storage - Twist Bioscience

Squeezing the Entire Internet Into a Shoebox | What’s Your Problem?

scientists have figured out how to use DNA as a digital storage device that is stable and incredibly compact. If you stored all the data on the Internet in DNA, it would fit in a shoebox.

It’s still too expensive to work in the real world.