Friday, April 14, 2017

AI as the new UI

idea: using voice user interface (with AI) for human/computer interaction
instead (and in addition to) GUI

AI as the new UI – Accenture Tech Vision

"AI is making every interface both simple and smart–and setting a high bar for how future experiences will work. AI is poised to act as the face of a company’s digital brand and a key differentiator – and become a core competency demanding of C-level investment and strategy."


business book: Dual Transformation

podcast interview:
To Reinvent Your Firm, Do Two Things at the Same Time @ HBR IdeaCast

... approach to transform a company’s existing business while creating future business. It hinges on a “capabilities link,” which means using corporate assets—that startups don’t have—to fight unfairly.


"...a practical and sustainable approach to one of the greatest challenges facing leaders today: transforming your business in the face of imminent disruption. "Dual Transformation" shows you how your company can come out of a market shift stronger and more profitable, because the threat of disruption is also the greatest opportunity a leadership team will ever face. Disruptive change opens a window of opportunity to create massive new markets...

dual transformation framework:
  • Transformation A: Re-positioning today's business to maximize its resilience,  
  • Transformation B: Creating a new growth engine, 
the characteristics leaders must embrace: 

Intel’s Optane SSD (fast almost as RAM)

Intel’s first Optane SSD: 375GB that you can also use as RAM | Ars Technica

"Intel announced ... its new 3D XPoint memory ... Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X. It's a 375GB SSD on a PCIe card. Initial limited availability starts today, for $1520, with broad availability in the second half of the year.
...3D XPoint is a new kind of persistent solid state memory devised by Intel and Micron. 
...has about one thousandth the latency of NAND flash (or about ten times the latency of DRAM), and tens times the density of DRAM.'s a datacenter-oriented part, built for applications with high read/write loads, looking for low latency."

bots in the enterprise, messages syndication

Tom Hadfield on bots in the enterprise - O'Reilly Media - Cross-Platform Chatbots
"bot syndication, making it simple for bot developers to reach more users and expand to more platforms"

SlackHipChatMS TeamsCisco SparkRingCentralFlowdock

Xamarin test cloud + HockeyApp + SDK + new portal..
iOS and Android, UWP comming...
includes cloud builds of iOS apps

Announcing custom domain HTTPS support with Azure CDN | Blog | Microsoft Azure
"No additional cost: There are no costs for certificate acquisition or renewal and no additional cost for HTTPS traffic. You just pay for GB egress from the CDN".