Saturday, September 21, 2019

Google: Quantum Supremacy

Google Says It's Achieved Quantum Supremacy, a World-First: Report

Google reportedly attains 'quantum supremacy' - CNET

Google researchers have reportedly achieved “quantum supremacy” - MIT Technology Review

"The news: According to a report in the Financial Times, a team of researchers from Google led by John Martinis have demonstrated quantum supremacy for the first time. This is the point at which a quantum computer is shown to be capable of performing a task that’s beyond the reach of even the most powerful conventional supercomputer. The claim appeared in a paper that was posted on a NASA website, but the publication was then taken down.

How significant is this milestone? Very.

...quantum computer's processor allowed a calculation to be performed in just over 3 minutes. That calculation would take 10,000 years on IBM's Summit, the world's most powerful commercial computer, Google reportedly said."
Quantum supremacy - Wikipedia

Here’s what quantum supremacy does—and doesn’t—mean for computing - MIT Technology Review

Google researchers have reportedly achieved “quantum supremacy” - MIT Technology Review

VS Code: Web Template Studio

Microsoft Web Template Studio: Visual Studio Code Extension for Simplifying Web App Creation

"Microsoft announced a new version of Web Template Studio (WebTS), a cross-platform extension for Visual Studio Code aimed at simplifying the creation of new web applications. The extension uses "wizards" to assist the developer in the creation of boilerplate code for full-stack web applications, and it includes support for existing frontend and backend frameworks.

Microsoft open-sourced WebTS earlier this year on GitHub, supporting only React.js and Node.js for the frontend and backend (respectively). The new release includes support for other frameworks: Angular (frontend), Vue.js(frontend), and Flask (backend). In addition to these frameworks, WebTS also supports cloud services for storage (Azure Cosmos DB) and hosting (Azure App Service)."