Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sirius: open-source personal assistant

Engineers Bring A New Open-Source Siri To Life - ReadWrite
"Google has Google Now, Apple has Siri and Microsoft has Cortana—these personal digital assistants are playing an increasingly dominant role on mobile and desktop. Now researchers from the University of Michigan have unveiled an open-source alternative called Sirius, the latest of several similar open-source efforts along the same line."

March is for Makers

March is for Makers - A month-long celebration of hardware
"Scott Hanselman has teamed up with the CodeNewbie podcast to celebrate "March is for Makers." They're posting two podcasts each week during March, and the site has new content every day. The content is aimed at beginners, so if you've ever wanted to see what all the Arduino or Raspberry Pi fuss is about, now's your chance."

Web Pomodoro Timers

Pomodoro Technique - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hacking a Pomodoro Timer in two hours - S├ębastien Saunier
Color Timer
nice effects:
  • updating browser tab title with remaining time,
  • using canvas to create "favicon" 
  • changing color with time (Flat UI Colors)
  • using JavaScript library, a "lean" version of jQuery for modern browsers
not so nice:
  • no pause option
  • no tracking 
  • no sound effects
using sound notification (in Chrome) by using notify.js