Sunday, September 19, 2021

Thoughtworks => $ 9 B

 Thoughtworks valued at about $9 bln after shares surge in debut | Reuters

Sept 15 (Reuters) - Shares of Thoughtworks Inc (TWKS.O) jumped nearly 24% in their Nasdaq debut on Wednesday, valuing the company at nearly $9 billion, after the software consultancy firm priced its initial public offering well above range.

The company's stock opened at $26, compared with its initial public offering price of $21. This was above its targeted price range of $18 to $20.

many some notable sw architecture people and books came from this companty

JavaScript Tagged Template Literals (strings)

 Template literals (Template strings) - JavaScript | MDN

Template literals are literals delimited with backticks (`), allowing embedded expressions called substitutions.

  • Untagged template literals result in strings, which makes them useful for string interpolation (and multiline strings, since unescaped newlines are allowed).
  • Tagged template literals call a function (the tag function) with an array of any text segments from the literal followed by arguments with the values of any substitutions, which is useful for DSLs.
Tag functions don't even need to return a string!