Sunday, October 08, 2017

Google’s Pixel Buds: Babel Fish

Google Pixel Buds - Bluetooth Earbuds for Pixel 2 - Google Store

Google Pixel Buds translate speech in 40 languages, company says | The Kansas City Star

"Google announced that it will make its own earbuds to rival its competitors, and the tech giant says the buds allow wearers to “speak” in 40 languages.
The earbuds — which aren’t wireless but wrap around the neck — are called Pixel Buds and were among a new line of products presented Wednesday at a company event.
The Buds will compete with Apple’s wireless earbuds — the AirPods. Both companies have priced their buds exactly the same — $159, according to The Verge.
But only Google is claiming to make its wearers multilingual in real time and at the touch of a button"

Babel Fish (website) - Wikipedia

" from the Babel fish, a fictional species in Douglas Adams's book and radio series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that could instantly translate languages. In turn, the name of the fictional creature refers to the biblical account of the confusion of languages that arose in the city of Babel."

Microsoft Ignite 2017: "Azure is the Enterprise Cloud"

Microsoft Ignite | Orlando, FL | September 25-29, 2017

MyIgnite - On-demand

MyIgnite - On-demand: Exam Prep

Azure is the Enterprise Cloud – highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2017 | Blog | Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Ignite | Events | Channel 9
Microsoft Ignite

Azure Red Shirt Tour 2017

book summaries: "Book Crunch"

Book Crunch Archives -
"book crunches give the best nuggets of a book in an easy-to-grasp way. 
This helps you to decide whether to dig deeper and read the book."
Book Crunch: "The Elements of Style", William Strunk, Jr. -
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cloud data: Azure Data Box vs. Amazon Snowball

Microsoft opens up testing of Azure Data Box, its Amazon Snowball rival | ZDNet
"Microsoft is accepting testers into a preview program for its Azure Data Box data-transfer appliance.
Azure Data Box weighs 45 pounds and is ruggedized, tamper resistant and manageable...
The box supports 256-bit AES encryption on data, doesn't require external packaging for transportation; can plug into customers' networks and store about 100 TB of data. "