Sunday, June 01, 2014

Tesla Motors Gen 3 car

Tesla's Elon Musk reveals more details on Gen 3 car - Silicon Valley Business Journal:

"Tesla Motors Gen 3 will be 20 percent smaller than its Model S luxury sedan and will have a range of 200 miles (the same as Model S with a 60 kilowatt hour battery). Electrek said that's about twice the range of most mass-market cars available today.
Musk said he expects economies of scale and other innovations to cut the price of producing the battery by 30 percent, helping the car get to its anticipated $35,000 price target."

Nest: not an 'Internet of Things' company

Don't call Nest an 'Internet of Things' company, CEO Fadell insists - Silicon Valley Business Journal:

"Nest CEO Tony Fadell told an audience of tech industry figures and enthusiasts that he hates it when Nest is called an "Internet of Things" company"
...“We’re not an ‘Internet of Things’ company… We make a thermostat, and we make a smoke alarm.”

ideas: Inline web explanations

I Wish I Could Read Wikipedia Like This @ Super Fun Happy Time Blog :

"...related terms to be explained to me inline, and just deep enough for me to grasp them and not get distracted from the main article..."


Similar "tooltips" are observed on many web sites already, but usually one link deep; proposed is to have this expandable multiple levels. This concept of "dictionary" may be helpful as a feature of web browser itself, or a plugin.