Friday, January 16, 2015

ACDC: Angular Cloud Data Connector

Angular Cloud Data Connector
"Angular Cloud Data Connector, or AngularCDC is a library for AngularJS that allows you to work seamlessly with many data sources. AngularCDC supports offline mode and can handle all CRUD operations for you."
logo ANGULAR Cloud data connector

10 databases, C# OS, etc

"power of a Distributed Graph Database engine
with the flexibility of a Document Database all in one product."

Apache Marmotta is an Open Platform for Linked Data.

"Cosmos is an operating system "construction kit", built from the ground up around the IL2CPU compiler in C# and our home-brewed language called X#."

The Tesla Science Center: Bricks

The Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe Engraved Brick Order Form

Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe » Buy a Brick for Nik
"Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe invites you to become a permanent part of the Center project by purchasing a commemorative brick for one of the several places on our 16-acre campus where we will be establishing paved areas, beginning with the area at the base of the Nikola Tesla statue."

HBR Guide to Negotiating

HBR Guide to Negotiating - Harvard Business Review:

"zero-sum approach isn't the only way to negotiate...
learn a collaborative and creative approach that results in better outcomes and stronger relationships. It works in any situation in which you and a counterpart need to come to terms despite competing interests-from formal multimillion-dollar sales agreements to informal conversations with colleagues about how you will tackle a quick project...

(1) Identifying the real issues at stake,
(2) Preparing materials in advance,
(3) Setting the right tone as you begin the conversation,
(4) Handling emotions in the negotiating room,
(5) Taming a hard bargainer,
(6) Knowing when to walk away,
(7) Managing multiple-party negotiations, and
(8) Reality-proofing your agreement."