Tuesday, July 09, 2013

HUD navigation for $130

Garmin launches HUD-based in-car navigation for just $130 | ExtremeTech

"Garmin just sliced the cost of head-up displays from more than $1,000 to just $130 with the introduction of a stick-on-the-dash HUD that projects navigation information on your windshield (pictured above)"

Quotes: Finding Your Passion In Work

Finding Your Passion In Work: 20 Awesome Quotes | LinkedIn

150 Leaders on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a twist on social networking, by limiting number of people who can be followed to 150. There may be some graph theory behind, or just preventing misuse

Introducing the Ability to Follow Thought Leaders on LinkedIn | Official LinkedIn Blog:
"150 of the most influential thought leaders on LinkedIn who will be sharing unique knowledge and professional insights."