Friday, October 26, 2012

Jeff Hawkins: Computing Like the Brain

Computing Like the Brain: @ InfoQ

"Jeff Hawkins is a co-founder of Numenta

Previous to Numenta he founded the Redwood Neuroscience Institute and two mobile computing companies,
Palm and Handspring, where he was the architect of computing products such as the PalmPilot and Treo smartphone.
In 2004 he wrote the book “On Intelligence” which describes progress in understanding the neocortex.

Can a New Theory of the Neocortex Lead to Truly Intelligent Machines? @ MIT

"Grok" technology

Building a real-time prediction engine that learns and adapts automatically requires breakthroughs in machine learning. Unlike conventional AI approaches such as neural networks, Grok is modeled on a deep understanding of the biological priniciples of human intelligence.