Friday, June 28, 2019

React Native: Hot Reloading

React Native on Twitter: "Six months ago the community told us  was a major pain point. A better Fast Refresh mode is on it's way into React Native. It's resilient to errors (no need for full reloads after a typo) and supports function components with Hooks. 

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Electric "Car" for Under $10,000

Electric Car for Under $10,000 @ Daniel Burrus - Techno Trends

"Due to become available at the end of 2020, the basic Bolt Nano will sell for $9,999, and pre-reservations are being accepted on the company’s Web site for a refundable deposit of $999. Owners will also be able to earn revenue by sharing their vehicle using the Bolt ride-share platform."

BOLT nano

"Designed for rides 5-15 miles

Compact enough to fit four Nanos into one standard parking spot.

50/50 Revenue share when rented out through our Bolt Platform."

Another "Segway" ?