Sunday, October 04, 2015

cloud tool: Azure Resource Visualizer

A very nice visual tool for editing JSON files that describe Azure resources.

It is an open source browser based application, based on TypeScript and Angular.js,
edited by Visual Studio Code.

ytechie/AzureResourceVisualizer @ GitHub

Azure Resource Manager Diagram

Azure & AWS "in Plain English"

Many of Amazon Web Services have interesting names, not always intuitive.
So somebody created a "translation" to "plain English".
Then somebody else created similar dictionary for Microsoft Azure...

AWS in Plain English

Azure in Plain English by Jason Young

Azure ServiceCould be CalledUse this to...Like AWS...
Virtual MachinesVirtual ServersMove existing VMs to the cloud without changing them. You manage the entire OS.EC2

It is like a "Babel fish" for cloud services :)

Amazon's IoT Strategy

AWS | Internet of Things @ Amazon

Amazon's Internet of Things Strategy -- A New Flywheel Emerges | John Rossman | LinkedIn

"Amazon Web Services has several existing IoT enabling products include AWS Redshift, AWS Kinesis, AWS Machine Learning and recent acquisition of 2lemetry show that the big bet for Amazon is not in creating devices for it’s retail business, but inproviding cloud infrastructure and software to thousands of companies needing to build IoT devices and capabilities. This is the AWS IoT flywheel and the real business in IoT for Amazon."