Tuesday, January 14, 2014

End of Net Neutrality? Start public internet.

Net Neutrality Quashing Will Mean New Pricing Schemes, Throttling, and Business Models | MIT Technology Review:
"Accepting much of a challenge by Verizon, the court killed the FCC’s policies that aimed to prevent data-discrimination or data blocking. But the ruling does require carriers to disclose when they block, slow, or expedite various kinds of traffic in the future."

It is time for "public" internet.
Same as there are public and paid roads,
there should be limited reasonable free internet for all,
and "premium" networks that are paid per usage, same as roads are.

There should be a easy way to use multiple networks in parallel,
both for wired and wireless connections.

In fact, public internet should focus on the roads first,
enabling internet connections for all vehicles to increase safety.

course: Mobile Website Development and Design @ Udacity

Mobile Website Development and Design Course - Udacity:
  • Chris Wilson is an Open Web Platform Developer Advocate at Google working on Chrome. He began working on web browsers in 1993 when he co-authored the original Windows version of NCSA Mosaic, went on to Microsoft to work on Internet Explorer for fifteen years, and joined Google in 2010
  • Peter Lubbers is a Program Manager at Google in the Chrome Developer Relations team and lives and breathes HTML5, co-author of Pro HTML5 Programming (Apress) and the founder of the San Francisco HTML5 User Group, the largest HTML5 User Group in the world.
So they is likely a real experts for web!

Interesting, they are teaching "mobile web," not "web based mobile apps."
The second could be created by "wrapping" web app to PhoneGap shell, but it is not the same approach to APIs, etc. 

Graph != Chart

Many people confuse terms "graph" for charts.

A chart is a graphical representation of data, but it is not a graph.
Alternative term for chart is "graphic"

Graph (mathematics) - Wikipedia
a graph is a representation of a set of objects where some pairs of objects are connected by links
A drawing of a labeled graph on 6 vertices and 7 edges.
Chart - Wikipedia
Four of the most common charts are:

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MSCD 3-for-1
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event: Windows Azure Deep Dive

Windows Azure Deep Dive:
Windows Azure Week: Deep Dive Live!
In-depth training from the experts who built Azure:
January 27-31