Monday, December 19, 2022

(hybrid) electric airplane: Heart ES-30

Heart Aerospace is a Swedish startup company developing electric aircraft. The company is developing the ES-30, a hybrid-electric, 30-passenger regional airliner.[1] The ES-30 is planned to have a 430 nautical mile (800 kilometer) range. Heart plans to have a proof-of-concept aircraft in 2024 and start flight tests in 2026.

ES-30 | Heart Aerospace
  • Capacity: 30 passengers (typical)
  • Range: 200 km all electric, 400 km electric+hybrid,  800 km electric+hybrid 25pax
  • Propulsion:  4 electric motors
  • Energy source:  Batteries (primary), Reserve-Hybrid Turbogenerators
  • Max altitude:  20,000 ft
  • Runway length:  1,100 m
  • Turn around time: 30 min (fast charge)
  • Enter into service: 2028

podcast interview with founder & CEO of this Sweden based company 

Flying on Battery Power | What’s Your Problem?

PowerShell alias with parameters?

bash/sh alias can include parameters, i.e. "alias kaf='kubectl alias -f"

PowerShell set-alias (sal) is only alias for a command/program.

Set-Alias (Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility) - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn

to include parameters would need to create a function, and store it in "profile"

 How to: Create a PowerShell alias with parameters -

function Encode-Video([string]$VideoFileName, [string]$OutputFileName)
    ffmpeg -i "$VideoFileName" -vcodec h264 -acodec mp2 "$OutputFileName"
notepad $profile

PS> function docmd { cmd /c $args there }
PS> docmd echo hello
hello there

but such function may not recognize programs from path

PowerShell Power User Tips: Bash-style “alias” command.

or just use linux shell (WSL)